Twitter, Facebook and poor impulse control.

About a year ago I had just about had enough of people beaming about their little tweets. I didn't know what they were on about and to be quite frank I think it's because I still had some residual ambivalence left over from joining Facebook.

For about a month the only person I had "friended" was my girlfriend and the guy who invited me. I posted on my own wall and spent most of that month idly joining groups and poking my girlfriend (Oh the laughs we had). In a way I guess we were early adopters, but that was purely because we were part of the lucky few who had DSL internet and it would be another while before our friends all had the same privilege. To those not in the third world, until quite recently the delightful hum and gut wrenching screaming of a dial-up modem was the norm. Hell, my one friend used to beat his little brother if the little snot dared to pick up the phone over weekends because it would interupt his kazaa/Napster/Bearshare download.

Similarly, in those dark days before broadband my friend and I would sit for hours and debate which mp3 we should download. (Yes, piracy is bad, not sopa bad but still, we were 11 and had not yet spent the time to discuss the ethics of the whole situation on account of "Holy shit dude, we can get a song for free and it only takes an hour and a half! More importantly though, I think out of all the hundreds of hours we spent downloading we completed maybe 10 songs. Most of which were mislabeled.) Inevitably, he would win, because it was his house, and I was far too enamoured with the magic of the internet to even actually care what we did on it. Things change though, and today the internet seems as logical and second nature as butterflies in the summertime and bowel movements, which is why things like twitter no longer instantly send me into a nerdy spiral of giddiness.

But I digress. Facebook was something that had no use. Literally, I could not understand why people would ever use it and only much later, after everyone joined, did it become apparent that this utterly simplistic toy of the web had some potential. And now I was stuck with the next big thing, Twitter was making the rounds and I wondered if I might fall behind the tech curve on this one. (As mortifying as that sounds.) Turns out not so much, but more on that later. In the end, I sat in front of my computer, steely resolve in my eyes and with no regard for my personal wellbeing, I signed up. Or tried to. Where facebook had made life easy - use your name, Twitter allowed you to pick a unique handle for yourself. Shit. Wasn't expecting that one. I was not in a "be clever with my name space" and now suddenly I had to play fill in the blank...I stared at that little @ for a while. Later out of desperation I ended with the winner: @neildeals. Not even mediocre. I complained about my stupid name to a friend who turned out to be surprisingly resourceful and clever, and who then gave me "keepinitneil". Nice one!

Admittedly a little drunk with power from this awesome word play, I pretty much registered everything I could think of and I swear if it hadn't been the middle of the night, I probably would have legally changed my name as well. I had to get this shit out, people needed to know... and every other Neil in the world would have to forever kick themselves for not thinking of it first (not that I did either, but hey). So a week or so later, I had the email accounts, the twitter account, the domain name and the blogger profile. So here we are, shiny new blog for me. Aren't I special and unique? You bet your ass. Now, without going into a narcissistic rant about why this is a good idea. Let's just leave it at that. This is a blog. And this is a blog post. (Bam! Never thought you'd see the day 'eh Jen?)
There will be many more. No, it's not another me too blog. I'm not re-posting cat pictures or de-motivational posters.This is merely the logical progression of joining another pointlessly obvious social networking platform and accidentally stumbling onto a cool name and then blowing it way out of proportion, all commited by someone who used to write a lot and would like to get back into it.  Glad to have you here. Oh, and on the Twitter thing. It's been a year and I still have an egg-face, if that's any indication of my conviction. Maybe 2012 will be different.