Golfing with a legend.

My grandfather is a big deal, and not just to me.
Last week he invited my uncles and myself to go play a round with him on the revamped Randpark course, so I took some pictures in between the duffs.
He's a hard man to photograph. Even with his horrible eyesight he seems to know when the camera is facing him and he instinctively dodges.

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Testing the elements

A parking lot, a shopping list that would put an arsonist to shame and safety goggles. We did a test shoot for an idea we had a year ago, you know, to see what burns and what smoulders. Earth, water, wind and fire. Too cool.

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Everything is panoramic. It's just how our eyes work.
Two eyes = wider than tall. If we had donkey eyes, we'd all watch movies on two screens at once and the margin on magazine pages would be much wider. Our brains are wired to line things up from side to side. When they first introduced sidebar navigation on the Mac interface, only one in 10 people could make any sense of it.

Only much later, when some genius aligned things side to side and left us with such far reaching interface redesigns as the tabs at the top of your screen right now... did we finally realise something that has quite literally been staring us in the face. Things look better when they are wider than they are tall, kind of like a supermodel... on her side.

I love wide aspect ratios. I mean the good stuff, the ultra wide paronamic, almost looking behind you, crops that we have in cinema. The current standard for theatrical releases is 1.85, and has been since the 60s. Pretty much every film that you have ever seen was produced to these dimensions. To me the point isn't just the relationship between width and height on its own, it's the sheer scale of it all.

When I watch a movie I always have this fight between looking at the whole picture and scanning across it. There's just so much to take in. It's awesome.So I couldn't just rescale my pictures to match the aspect, I had to make them big and scary and make your eyes take a second to enjoy all the little details and the context.

As a last thought, I was standing outside pondering the mysteries of this magical 1.85, trying to imagine why it came into being. First I thought it was mathematical, maybe something to do with the golden ratio. But that's 1.618, so it would be to big of a margin for those math types to let slide. They'd fight in gladiator style death rings to get rid of the 0.232. They'd also give it a cooler name than 3-perf. Nor could it have been scientific, because those clever white coats will solve any problem.. If we had wanted 1.73392, we'd have it. That left me staring at my hands. So I did this:

Jimminy whiskers Batman! I solved it.

Those aren't my hands though, Estian helped me with a dramatic re-enactment.

Hope you like the new format, sorry for anyone on a small screen. (Buy a bigger one)