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I don't know you, you don't know me. This is the internet and it's what makes it awesome. But you obviously didn't click that link without expecting something. I was going to make up some stuff about myself but then I did what every lazy person would do - I tricked my friends into doing it for me. Here are their descriptions:

(more coming, I draw slowly... very)

Having a conversation with Neil often feels like randomly choosing a page from the encyclopedia, it starts off intriguing, is usually pointless, and more often than not leaves you a little more informed.
But the jury is still out whether his blog will be better reading than some lorem ipsum.

Estian is a designer. You don't have to spend long with him to know this. Also, he's disgustingly good at it and made me work on my blog at night so he wouldn't have to cringe because of my kerning. Estian loves Alfa Romeos and owns a 147, so I blew it up. Pretty bad ass.

"Probably one of the smartest people I know. He also has fantastic grip strength, a winning smile, and deadly accuracy with assault rifles. If the zombie apocalypse happened there is no way I would let them eat Neil."

Philip was my first work friend and pretty much reinvented my taste in music within 6 moths of meeting him. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of movies and is the only person I've ever seen watch a bad movie in fast forward instead of just turning it off. Philip is one of the nicest, suavest  guys I know. I swear, Philip is like a walking talking piece of awesome, with Nuke compositing skills. He's one of the slickest animators and there is no way in hell that Philip works on a project which doesn't make your face melt. Philip left utopian South Africa a while back, so I drew him in London. I don't know how it ended up being post-apocalyptic, but as expected, Philip is pretty mellow about the whole affair. I tip my hat to you mr. Davies. Come visit soon, I've got a stun grenade with your name on it. SHWEEEEE

He is my best Friend.

Gert has been my friend since we were, I don't know, I can't remember that far back, but Gert can. He has the memory of a, whatchamacallit. Seriously, he remembers things like wardrobe 20 years after the fact. He's a great person to know if you have a spotty memory. Gert is a Jazz musician and would rather write an opus for a full orchestra than articulate with us mortals. He cannot feel the cold, once broke his hand in 2 places and didn't flinch (it's still a little skew) and will kill the world for his friends. Until I figure out how to embed that level of epic in this description, the text will have to do. Gert lives for music and would play to an empty auditorium without thinking twice... and then rock out. So I drew him there. He's depressingly good at guitar too, which makes him great for those Kumbaya moments. Now, let's go steal lawn ornaments from the neighbours - ninja style.